“””gg              “”Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow”
Short Example of Line Dance Class Taught at Tres (3) Scholl of Karate
1.   How long are the classes? Varies by Class.  Check Class schedule page for times and length of each class.   2.   Can I dance at my own pace? Yes, all students are encouraged to dance at a pace that is comfortable for them   3.   How large are the classes? Varies by class   4.  Can I attend more than one class per week? You can attend as many Dancin Deeva classes that fit into your schedule. You are                             welcome to attend to them all.   5.   I have never Line Danced will I fit in with the class?        Check the Class Schedule page for my beginners classes.   6.   At the "pay as you go" classes can I jump in any time?       Yes, these are not session classes so you can come whenever you like and fit right in.   7.   Can I bring my children to class?  No, there are no accommodations for children plus this is your hour to have fun and enjoy yourself.  Please make other arrangement for your children so you can enjoy this hour of fun and exercise.   8.   Is the instructor available to do parties or events?  Yes, please contact the instructor if you are interested via her contact information on                                                             the contact page. 9.  Is the classes open to men also?      Yes men are more than welcome to attend
“””gg              “”Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow”
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Frequently Asked Questions
Noted below are some FAQ’s that I hope may assist you.  Always feel free to contact me via my contact information with additional questions.