“””gg              “”Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow”
You are one CLASS ACT! I have taken several line dance classes in the past but none compare to the fun, fitness and fantastic instruction you provide. I am grateful to have joined the Dancin Deeva Family. You are undeniably patient and create such a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere in your class. Your encouragement makes me feel as though I can dance like “Ginger Rodgers & Beyonce” combined. Your website is just another reminder of your thoughtfulness. When some of us told you that once class is over, it is difficult to remember the steps, you put video footage of the dances so we can have a bit of the Dancin Deeva in our home to practice! May God continue to bless you as you have been a blessing to us
- Cherie McLendon
I am so happy to be a part of this class. This class has really lifted my self esteem. I am becoming less shy and a little more comfortable. Dawn is an amazing teacher and I am so happy that I started coming to her class. Thank you Dawn and Angie!!!!”  
- Tina Brown
Dawn you renewed my love of dance. Now I can hang with those other line dancers”  
- Dr. Gwen Long I've been in several of Dawn's virtual classes and have enjoyed. She is an amazing great teacher which anyone is able to learn how to dance. Instructional is easy and the music is fantastic. Bless her in her future endeavors. -  Deedee (DJ Princess) Maryland/New York
“””gg              ”Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow”
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- Tina Brown
“I love it. Dawn is amazing and a great teacher. I have a lot of fun and it's a great workout. Keep up the great work!!!!“
- Frankie Nalls
I have two left feet, so it is an understatement to say I’m a little challenged in the dancing department!  However “Dawn The Dancin Deeva” made me feel comfortable and taught me a few moves I didn’t think I could learn in such a short amount of time.  Dawn the Dancin Deeva is genuinely one of the most gifted and caring instructors I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and I fully endorse taking her class.  Regardless of your skill level, this is something you will enjoy.  It will definitely be worth your money and time.
“The class is fun and the instructor is phenomenal.  She is so much fun and has a lot of patience.  No matter what level she will teach you to dance!  Try it, you’ll love it and it is great exercise!“
- Brenda Singleton
Student Testimonials
- Phylis Brown
“I’ve learned a variety of line dances and I’m having so much fun!  I’m learning from a great instructor. The time goes by so fast and I’ve also gotten good workouts.  Every week I look forward to go to class, I’m really enjoying everyone there as well, it’s been well worth it! “
- Debbie Harris
“It is simply a joy to wake up every Saturday morning, knowing that late morning, I will be practicing a new line dance. However,  the dance to Lil Red Boat is truly my favorite!  In addition to dancing, I am also exercising away the pounds.  I use to go walking the trail but I haven't walked in the last 8 weeks, I'm at Dawn's class.  The class ,under Dawn's direction and guidance is fun and full of delight and the dances are easy to learn.  The classes are also very economical!!  As of today, I have recommended 6, yes 6 people to come to the class and all of them have made return visits.  If my schedule permits, I am contemplating adding another one of Dawn's classes, just to raise my own personal bar.  Don't walk, "wobble" your way to a different kind of fun and exercise! “
After completing my class, my students are often kind enough to share some feedback on the experience in the class.  Here are a few appreciated remarks.